Selection of the works (2018)

This is the 14th occasion we organize the auction of Bátor Tábor. Similarly to previous years it will introduce a remarkable contemporary arts selection for our guests. This year again the compilation of the materials is a result of a unique professional collaboration between the five-member jury: Gábor Pados, Orsolya Hegedüs, Margit Valkó, Attila Pőcze and Gábor Einspach who delivered their opinion on the artworks. It is also very important that geographical distances should not limit the presence of contemporary art, therefore in 2018 several artworks of artists with Eastern-European roots will be seen on our auctions. It is a real honour to have the support of such excellent artists and professionals.

Daniel Hug, Carl Kostyál, Farkas Rózsa, Peri Peter and András Szántó will help us to contribute to the international material.

We started our initiative six years ago for young, talented but less known artists to apply for the auction. We will give opportunity again for this kind of introduction, too. Each artist is able to apply with one artwork and the result of the evaluation comes out of a secret ballot via internet. The three jury members are Katalin Spengler, Katalin Székely and Edit Sasvári.