14th Bátor Tábor Contemporary Art Auction, Budapest



Date:               10 May 2018

Place:              Kiscell Museum, Budapest

Year by year our auction draws more and more attention which obliges us to care  for the maximum quality of the hammered pieces of art.

The professional jury members are:

  • Daniel Hug, Carl Kostyál, Rózsa Farkas, Peter Peri and András Szántó as the members of jury with immense authority in the world of art, juried the creative activity of artists with Hungarian and East-Central European roots, living and working abroad, giving them an opportunity to participate in the Auction by presenting one piece each.
  • The selection of the pieces by Hungarian artists is a result of the largest professional co-operation yet. With the involvement of our five-member jury Gábor Pados, Margit Valkó, Attila Pőcze, Gábor Einspach and Orsolya Hegedüs, a wonderful Hungarian selection will be born.
  • Three years ago we launched a new initiative  to invite young, talented, but yet lesser-known artists to apply to participate in the auction. Today many of them are invited without having to compete, but we have kept the opportunity open to newcomers to present themselves in this way. Each artist could apply with a single piece of art, and the jury decides by secret online vote. The 3-member panel consists of Spengler Katalin, Székely Katalin and Sasvári Edit. 



The appr. 90 pieces selected for the auction will be prominently exhibited at the Kiscell Museum. The auction will  be led by Nóra Winkler in cooperation with the specialists from Kieselbach Gallery.


The event accompanying the CAA Budapest give the invited participants (among whom we find foreign and Hungarian artists, directors of galleries, curators and collectors) a unique possibility of taking a close, insightful look at contemporary Hungarian art, which is slowly coming onto the European stage. The competition aimed at young, talented, yet unknown artists gives them a chance to present their blossoming skills in front of an international audience.

Among the Hungarian artists putting up their works for the auction, more and more individuals open their own galleries in the world’s most significant arts centres. Also, the directors of international galleries, many of Hungarian roots, have the opportunity to present their collections in front of the Hungarian audience.

If you are interested in taking part in the event, we hereby provide the contact details:

Bátor Tábor Hungary Foundation
1135 Budapest, Reitter Ferenc u. 46-48.

Joó Mónika
Event Coordinator

tel: +36-30-815-7532
e-mail: m.joo@batortabor.hu